Monday, April 4, 2011

Say "Hi" to Rhino

Yesterday afternoon after church and filling our bellies with yummy Joe's Crab Shack, me and the 2 kiddos went to Petland. We ooooh'd and aaaah'd at all the cute pets they have to offer. After probably an hour of looking and hearing, "Mommy, I want a pet. Can we get one?" we purchased a little half mouse half hamster. I really didn't have any intentions on buying an animal but I couldn't resist. I have had several dwarf hamsters before and have always had pets throughout my life. Unfortunately, since moving to Chicago about a year and a half ago, we have had no pets :( That makes me sad. We can't have dogs in our building and my daughter and husband are allergic to cats, my husband rolls his eyes at me when I say I want a bunny, and I don't think I could handle a bird chirping all the time. So, there he was! In the little tank with probably at least 20 other little hybrid mouse/hamsters. Say "Hi!"

Little Rhino, named after the hamster in "Bolt" 

You're "awwww"-ing right now aren't you?!? Well, rodents aren't for everyone but I ♥ them! I used to have a rat in my early 20s and I considered getting one this time around, and probably would have but I didn't see any in the designated tank and didn't feel like asking an employee. But, I'm happy with little Rhino! His cute little feet tickle when you hold him and he nibbles on my jewelry. I try to act cool but really I think I'm just as excited about him as the kids are :) 

Rhino from Disney's "Bolt" 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I need a vacation...

Here in Chicago it's still a little chilly. It's pretty typical, 50 degrees, but maybe it's because I'm getting older, it just doesn't feel warm enough yet! So, today I took a vacation. I went here:

It was amazing. I went shopping until I couldn't carry anymore bags, I stuffed myself on the most amazing cuisine, and sunbathed in a bikini while sipping a fruity drink with a little umbrella in it.

Ok so it was a mental vacation. Snap back to reality where I have to make chicken nugget and tater tots for lunch....

I think I have been longing for a vacation for a while now. Lately, I have been filling the shop with summer-y pieces.

Turquoise, anyone? Yes please! :) It just screams summer and beach to me, I can feel the sun warming my face, the light breeze against my skin, and the sand in my toes......

I think I just might not come back to reality this time :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

A New Shop Listing: Silver Inspirational Heart Necklace

The newest item in the shop is a little different from the norm over at Amra Designs. It is more glitzy than usual but I have to say, I really like it! It's a nice classy piece that is essentially colorless except for the 3 swarvoski crystals that give a little glimpse of color. Take a look and let me know what you think! 

Three beautiful dragonball crystal beads hang from a 28 inch silver plated figaro chain. The chain slides through a silver open heart charm therefor making the necklace adjustable. The heart charm has the words believe, faith, and prayer inscribed in it. There are 3 Swarvoski crystals that adorn the heart as well. There is no need for a clasp, simply slip the necklace over your head. 

This would make a wonderful Mother's Day Gift! It will come neatly packaged in a white gift box ready for gift giving. This being such a versatile necklace, I don't know what women wouldn't love receiving and wearing this. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to My "Office"

This week in the Promotional Frenzy Team on Etsy we are showing our work spaces. Here's mine!

The "Cubicle"

Resin and Stamping Supplies

Some Artwork by my little girl
It's a work in progress
The "Photography Studio" :) 

Here's my Co-Worker taking a break

A photo from Julie Magers Soulen

Main Work Area

Its nothing grand or spectacular, but it's where I work! 

I was inspired by Galla15 to put a pic of myself up. Obviously this is my family  :) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Do You Buy Jewelry?

Good morning! It's a sunny morning here in the Chicago suburbs and oh, do I welcome it!

This morning I have a question for you. How do you shop for jewelry? By item? Rings, necklaces, etc? Or by style? "I'm feeling a little Rocker today." Or "That Sunday brunch with our Church is this weekend."
Right now in my shop, I have it set up by item, rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. But, my style is constantly changing and I'm always trying new styles of jewelry. So, what do you think? When you shop, do you search by style or by item?

Thanks for all the help!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day Goodie Bag

Today, walking through the grocery store, I decided to pick up items for a quick Valentines Day goodie bag for my daughters Sunday School class. This is what I came up with:

I had my daughter choose a box of kiddie Valentines. We also picked up some fuzzy pipe cleaners in the craft area, fold over sandwich bags, pretzels, and some Hugs. As I had her write her name on the Valentines, I put a couple of kisses along with a handful of pretzels into baggies. We then punched the upper left corner of her folded Valentines. The pipe cleaners were shaped into hearts and twisted once at the bottom to hold the shape.

I then slipped one side of the pipe cleaner through the hole and twisted it to hold the bag shut. Ta-da! Super easy, I know. But, I thought I'd share. I'm sure all the preschoolers are going to enjoy these tomorrow and that's all that matters :)

How are you showing some love this Valentines Day? I wanna hear! Comment below :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

taking a lover by whitebat

A harmless love affair, sleepovers with girlfriends, long nights, short walks, French hotel rooms, giggling over chocolate and secret gifts from the boy with the bowtie.

WHEAT pillow with d...

Vintage Style Bow H...

french lovers 5x7 p...

Leather and Lace - ...

Mandolin Man Olive ...

A Love Affair - 5x7...

Whimsical Fabric Bo...

Lady Jane Ivory Sil...

Parisian Hotel

I Love You Secret M...

Merlot Gourmet Topp...

I love you more tha...

Adjustable Cameo Ri...

BOW BOW - leather b...

Living Steel Jewelr...

Black Heart-Shaped ...

This is such a beautifully romantic Treasury done by a wonderful fellow artisan on Etsy. Hershop is whitebat and you should check her out. I mean, look at this: 

"Awww" is right!! :) 

Ok, off you go to check out this great collection! Go, go, go!

PS: LOVEME10 gets you 10% off your purchase in my shop.