Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Wrapping Ideas

With only 4 days until Christmas, it's about time to get those presents wrapped. Instead of using the traditional store bought wrapping paper this year, I thought I'd get a little crafty. Since I do have two little ones, I wanted to make some memories along the way. I involved them by letting them decorate brown postal packaging paper. We used sponge stamps with acrylic craft paint and rubber stamps and ink pads. Besides a minor melt down from the two year old, the kids has so much fun painting and stamping.

Kids Creating
I also made some fun gift tags to match. I used the kraft paper along with a stamp that says, "Enjoy Today" which I thought was perfect for Christmas. I punched a hole in the corner for some ribbon, and tied it to a candy cane. What fun! 

Candy Cane Gift Tag

Finished Present
What's great about the kraft paper is that it can be personalized. Add names, so you don't need gift tags, add stickers and stamps, the sky's the limit! It adds so much extra thought and sentiment to the gift. People will appreciate that you took the extra time to make the wrapping. Also, this paper can be recycled unlike traditional wrapping paper. 

Another option for super quick wrapping is buying decorative boxes. Obviously, right now you can find Christmas themed boxes but another great option is buying one that isn't just for Christmas. 

A Gift Box used all year

I used this option for my mom. I have two teenage brothers that are still at home so my mom lives in a house of men. I wanted to get her something feminine that she could sit out as decoration and also be functional. I packed it full of girly things :) Nail polish, mud masks, makeup, body lotion and wash. All the things a woman needs, especially one that is in a houseful of men. 

To make the box more festive, I picked up a holiday floral stem from Michael's and tied it up with another handmade gift tag. I think these would be great wrapped up on any present. It gives it a fun touch. 

Easy DIY Gift Tags
One last option, is to make your own gift boxes. I got a template for a DIY Chinese take-out box here. There are complete instructions on the site but basically, you print and cut out the template (you might want to re-size it to fit your needs), use the template to cut out the paper or cardstock you are crafting it from, then fold. I just made mine pretty small and I think they would be great for party favors! Pour some M&M's or Kisses in there and ta-da! You could even attach them to presents as a little bonus. 

DIY Chinese Take-Out Box
I think when I do more I will make 'em fancier. Bows and such. But, you get the idea. 
Happy wrapping to all and to all a good night!

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