Saturday, April 2, 2011

I need a vacation...

Here in Chicago it's still a little chilly. It's pretty typical, 50 degrees, but maybe it's because I'm getting older, it just doesn't feel warm enough yet! So, today I took a vacation. I went here:

It was amazing. I went shopping until I couldn't carry anymore bags, I stuffed myself on the most amazing cuisine, and sunbathed in a bikini while sipping a fruity drink with a little umbrella in it.

Ok so it was a mental vacation. Snap back to reality where I have to make chicken nugget and tater tots for lunch....

I think I have been longing for a vacation for a while now. Lately, I have been filling the shop with summer-y pieces.

Turquoise, anyone? Yes please! :) It just screams summer and beach to me, I can feel the sun warming my face, the light breeze against my skin, and the sand in my toes......

I think I just might not come back to reality this time :)


  1. You're so cute! I think everybody needs a mental vacation once in a while! A real one would be lovely, but the imagination can take us to some pretty great places! I am loving your summer jewelry, it's so fun!

  2. Thank you! I definitely space out quite often. I think it keeps me sane :)