Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Ready for a Show

The countdown is on! The other half of Amra Designs and I are participating in our first "real" craft show. Eek! I'm so excited and anxious. It's going to be the 3 days before Valentines Day, in a mall back in my hometown. It should be a good turn out don't you think? I mean, 3 days before Valentines Day! Woo hoo!

Romantic, Vintage Inspired Earrings

But the reality is setting in. Now I really have to get to work! There's the actual inventory, set up and display, how are we going to take payments, what kind of promotional material are we going to give out {that won't be thrown away as soon as they get home or lost in the bottom of a purse}, how are we going to package our items, and so on! There is more to be thought of than just, "Here's my stuff, you buy it now." But, this has been a thrilling process so far! Like I said earlier, I'm excited! :-D I think we have most of it under control. {Ask me again a week before and my answer might be different} Building inventory is easy, that's the fun part, the reason I'm doing this all. My partner in crime is an Interior Designer so I'm kinda leaving the display to her. As far as taking credit cards, Pay-Pal has a "Virtual Terminal" that allows you to accept payments on the go.

Playing around with display options

Now the hard part, marketing. It's though thinking of {cost} effective ways to promote you business that will stand out in a crowd. We have thought of magnets, flyers, pinwheels, business cards {of course}, and a variety of other ideas that we tossed around for hours. But not much says "memorable." Although, I like the ideas of little pinwheels with our info on the "petals." You'd remember that, right?!? Oh, I guess we'll be brain storming over that one for a while.

I'd love to hear from those of you that have done shows and venues! Have any tips, tricks, suggestions? Send 'em my way! ;) And, for those who haven't, I'll try to give you an inside look at how {prep for} our first show goes.


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